Amanda, the bizgal knows how to connect with an audience. The passion to inspire and empower is immediately apparent. Amanda absolutely loves engaging her listeners whether it’s a peer-to-peer conversation or speaking to a myriad of diverse audiences.

As an in-demand branding expert and sought after image coach, her straightforward approach to today’s hottest career topics offers a unique and fresh perspective that is relatable to every listener. Amanda gets it—she is real and easily engages audiences with her just like you and me approach. As Amanda presents she relates on many levels—trusted best friend, encouraging career coach and influential role model.

Always polished, Amanda will inspire your gathering of employees, conference attendees, or convention audience with real-life advice and encouragement to update their career savviness to a more distinctive and professional outlook.

Favorite Audience Topics:

Andy Warhol is wrong . . .

Fifteen minutes is definitely not enough . . . especially if you’ve got the energy and enthusiasm and a mind spinning with ideas! Listen carefully as Amanda the bizgal shares her story. Don’t be fooled-this isn’t a chronological listing of events. This is a fun-filled, inspiring story that generates tons of audience comments of appreciation, of kick-starting careers, of making a move. Totally engaging and delivered with a “just like you and me” conversation, this is a presentation that motivates, encourages, and instigates reaction! Follow Amanda as she relates her stories of rejection, of being told “not good enough”, of her triumphs and her gumption to follow her dreams. No guarantees of a career fairy tale ending but achieving “happily ever after” in both professional and personal lives is always a dream come true!

Brand me Beautiful:

Branding is more than just representing a company; it is developing a persona in the community with your attitude, personality, fashion style and most importantly how you engage with other people and build a relationship. You want to be a “presence” so how do you get to that level of recognition? Amanda the bizgal packs this presentation full of advice to strategize your own personal brand and leverage it to be the superstar you want to be. Amanda the bizgal provides the know-how to effectively build your brand online using social media as well as developing an engaging personal brand that is immediately reflective when meeting face-to-face.

Generational Differences in the Workplace:

There’s a song floating around itunes “Why can’t we be friends?” In fact, you’re probably humming it right now! So what is the secret to office peace? What are the best ways to interact with our generations of co-workers? It’s an amazing time in the workforce to have the best of both worlds-the experienced and highly skilled Baby Boomer working alongside the techno savvy and let’s get it done Gen Yer. This combination has created an interesting dynamic in the workplace. How do we blend the ideology, the attitude, and the work ethic differences into one workspace to get the most productivity out of everyone? As a Gen Yer who works very well with her Baby Boomer partner, Amanda the bizgal discusses this generational divide in a manner that puts everyone at ease and offers time-saving and relationship-saving suggestions to comfortably and successfully blend these two forces for a happy and healthy workplace.

Social Business:

How many times do you want to shout “Put that *#!* phone away!” It’s true this whole business of being socially connected through technology has us not minding our manners. We are losing our gift of gab and that face-to-face comfort of reading facial expressions. We are replacing conversations with tweet tidbits, abbreviated texts, and status updates. But jump on the band wagon we must because social media is more than a global phenomenon-it’s catapulted into megastar status! The business of being social is really nothing new-the folks at Jimmy John’s already know that freaky fast connections are the spark that ignites the global marketplace. So let’s fuel our connectivity with a blast from the past. Business success and career savvy starts first and foremost with the ability to build successful relationships and engage in conversations in a poised, polished and professional manner. Once this connection is nurtured, social media thrives. Amanda the bizgal reinforces the old school way of doing business with a modern twist . . . face-to-face, skype-to-skype, facetime to facetime. This session is all about first impressions, building relationships, carrying on conversations, making small talk, business etiquette and the revitalization of toning up soft skills.

Using Social Media for Professional Development:

It’s like good cop/bad cop. It’s a time saver and a time waster. It’s full of zany program names and crazy acronyms. But it’s also the best way to achieve brand and name recognition on a world-wide basis. Social media is an awesome productivity tool when used as a best practice but can also be a very risky tool if not used properly and updated regularly. Building an effective professional persona online must rank as a top priority . . . if you don’t exist online, it’s like you don’t exist at all. You’re either LinkedIn or lost on Google earth. Amanda the bizgal highlights how to build a dynamic online presence for professional development and career promotion whether you are currently employed, unemployed, an entrepreneur, college student, or CEO. Amanda the bizgal offers tried-and-true advice from the social media trenches.

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Speaking Engagements:

  • Ithaca College
  • WOAMTEC Conference
  • Marquette University
  • Alverno College
  • Concordia University
  • University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, American Marketing Association Fashion Show, Keynote/Emcee
  • University of Wisconsin Whitewater-Finance Association
  • American Heart Association-Emcee Fashion Show
  • University of Wisconsin Madison-AMA and Adertising Federation Keynote
  • Leaderfest
  • ASID/IIDA Student Career Day at UW-Madison
  • Waukesha South High School
  • *Please contact Amanda at for booking fees

    Client Comments:

    Ithaca College Student Survey:
    Students were asked how relevant was the session – Andy Warhol is Wrong. The session had an average score of 4.64 (where 5 represented that the student agreed that the session was relevant and 1 represented that the student disagreed.)

    Students were also asked how engaging Amanda the bizgal was – Andy Warhol is Wrong had an average score of 4.80 out of 5
    BOLD Conference, Ithaca College

    “Amanda is an engaging professional with a true passion for helping college students and young professionals. I met Amanda last spring when she served as a panelist on our Entrepreneurial Career Week employer panel. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and genuine presenter!”
    Kristin Adler, Employer Relations Manager-Career Services Center, Marquette University

    “Amanda is an engaging,effective presenter. The students in my Life After College course at Alverno were,invigorated,inspired and enthusiastically responsive–Amanda raises the bar for her audience on identifying and implementing proactive measures. Part of my evidence of her success is that three of my students made contact or scheduled time to meet w/ professionals (one being Amanda herself) they previously knew only by reputation. Well done, Amanda!”
    Joanne Paterson, Director Career Education Center at Alverno College

    “I hired Amanda to speak about personal branding at the [2010] statewide young professional’s seminar that I chaired. My entire committee was impressed with her energy, knowledge and professionalism. Her non-traditional, audience-engaging style captured top ratings from those who attended her sessions. And, I have continued to recommend her speaking and consulting services to event coordinators around the state.”
    Meg Roman, Organizational Development Specialist, Past President Coastal Connections YPN, Past Chair, Leaderfest.

    Student Comments:


    I am a freshman in the College of Business at Marquette University. I heard you speak a couple months ago and was completely inspired! After your talk, I went back to my room and could not stop thinking about how you called random businesses and asked to speak with the them. Hearing you say that the worst the thing they say was no really resonated with me. So, a couple weeks later I decided I was going to do the same. I Googled the fortune 500 companies in Milwaukee and began calling and asking to shadow the highest person possible. I was able to shadow the Vice President of Finance and IT at Johnson Control, the President of Aurora Foundations, and the Vice President at Kohl’s. As a result of my shadowing at Johnson Controls I received a summer internship with them for sustainability.

    I would like to thank you for speaking here at Marquette and for inspiring me to take control of my future!

    Christina, Marquette ’15


    I just wanted to tell you how inspired I was by your presentation tonight at UWM. Your outlook on the business world really put some things into perspective for me, and I LOVED your fashion tips. All of this was so helpful to me because I will be moving to Chicago in a month and I am trying to put myself out there to become a successful wedding planner. Even though I’m only 19 I can’t wait to get my foot in the door to any company that will take me and all of your advise really helped me and motivated me to put myself out there. If you have any personal tips for me in the event/wedding planning field I would love to hear them. Thank you so much for meeting with my sorority, I know all of the girls loved your presentation.

    Kelly Ahlman, Gamma Phi Beta, UWM

    Dear Ms. Guralski:

    I know that I met with you after class to convey my gratitude, but I wanted to again say thanks for coming to speak to our class. It’s interesting to hear of how you achieved such great things, and I’m glad you had a chance to stress upon us the importance of first impressions and networking. But you also showed me that if one is determined, then you must take the initiative and work hard. Your story really was inspiring, and you did such a great job. I wish you luck with your endeavor to create your own show, though I’m certain that you will be successful. I’m waiting to see you on Bravo any time now!
    Hope to keep in touch,

    Chester, Waukesha High School ’12

    Hi Amanda,
    Thanks again for coming in to speak with UWM Ad Club about your company and the process it took to get there, from age 3! You truly were an inspiration to me and I will certainly be implementing many of your great tips during my quest for success. Already today while working at Marcus Theatres, I found myself sitting up straighter, talking MORE to the people I see randomly in the kitchen every day, and really just having a more positive outlook on what I was doing. I think you have established a great brand for yourself and your company. I will continue to look to you for inspiration in the future.

    Thank you!
    Amanda ’12 UWM

    Hi Amanda,

    It’s been a while, don’t know if you remember me, but I had interview you at Alverno before. I know you are a busy woman and would be greatly honored if you can give me advices on contract work. I am finally taking steps to opening up my business and has someone line up for putting a site together for me. I remember you said you work with contractors and freelancers. By the way, I took your advice and tried blogging to discover what I like and don’t and I don’t really like blogging but I will continue to write. And, I will also be conducting surveys to understand my audience’s wants and needs and if they will be interested in what I am providing. I want to do something like you by gearing it towards the female audience.

    I don’t know if I have ever told you this, but that day you spoke in class was life changing for me, and ever since then I have kept you in the back of my mind. I kept telling myself, “How cool it will be to be a young biz owner like Amanda. If she can do it I can too.” I have never had a positive female role model and was struggling so much at Alverno because I didn’t think I can make it and the people around me thought I was crazy for wanting to be a biz owner. So thank you! THANK YOU! All these time that has passed I am still so grateful for such a blessing like you! I know you will be able to touch so many lives of female everywhere!

    Mee, Alverno