As an aspiring female entrepreneur myself, Amanda serves as great inspiration! Her insights, guidance & resource on offer useful and helpful advice for all women, especially those under 30!
Jill, reader

In addition to, Amanda is the leader of #careerchat on Twitter. This chat takes place every Tuesday at 12pm CST and poses several questions to participants. Amanda promotes, creates questions and topics, and moderates the flow of the chat. In chats, participants are tweeting at lightning speed answering questions, retweeting answers, and replying to each other. Amanda ensures everyone sees the question, retweets answers, and engages with the community. Afterwards, she actively follows up with all participants and recruits more people. This is my favorite Twitter chat because of the community Amanda has built and the way she controls the flow of conversation. This is no easy task, as it becomes exhausting to tweet at rapid speed, but it is second nature to Amanda. Amanda defines leadership in its truest form, offering her wisdom, vision, and empathy to everyone she meets, even for the first time on Twitter. She conducts herself with grace, a smile, and sense of humor.
Diana, reader

I opened my chiropractic clinic in February 2010. While I was very confident as a chiropractor opening a clinic straight out of school, I was not so confident as a business owner. I had many questions about serious topics such as networking and I found many answers and ideas on Amanda’s site. A couple times when I had a specific question or needed a professional opinion I sent Amanda emails and she would always respond with great advice. I love how available Amanda is to her readers. She is SO BUSY with speaking engagements, running the site, her job, and her personal life; but she always finds time to help those in need!

I now have the first year of my business under my belt and it is going fantastic! These days I enjoy more of the fun aspects of the site such as dating in the workplace (I work with my husband), working wardrobes, etc.

Amanda has definitely made a difference in my life.
Dr. Alyssa, Align Chiropractic

As a young entreprenuer myself, Amanda has been a great inspiration & leader, as well as an amazing friend & supporter! She has taken bizMe to such a level that it is reaching women nationally! bizMe makes being a young professional attractive & attainable. She presents opportunities, knowledge, health & being the best you that you can be in a fun, entertaining light!
Sara, reader

Good Luck Amanda!! I hope that they see the amazing work that you have done. You have been an inspiration to me since I started twirling as a litte girl. Now, as a young professional, I turn to your magazine for advice and guidence. I love reading your articles and have put many recommendations into practice at work. Thank you for all that you do to motivate women in the workplace!!
Jaime, reader

“I have known Amanda for a few years and always find her to be very professional. I know that she is an expert in her field, and the more I get to know her, I realize that she incorporates what she knows and teaches into every facet of her life. She doesn’t just teach what she knows to others, she lives it herself. This is a very genuine quality that you just do not seem to find in many people these days.

Recently, I hired Amanda to work with a new, young employee. Amanda was able to work with this staff member who had a great starting point and foundation to start from, and transform her into a very professional, young businesswoman. She worked with attire, attitude, organization and job tasking and many other areas that fit perfectly into our business model. Amanda custom tailored her meetings with this employee so this experience was not a cookie cutter plan that is supposed to work with everyone. She takes pride in what she does and it shows in her attitude, and in the attitude of everyone she comes in contact with. I look forward to working with Amanda again.”
Chris Sherman, President AmeriSign & Graphics

“Amanda is an engaging professional with a true passion for helping college students and young professionals. I met Amanda last spring when she served as a panelist on our Entrepreneurial Career Week employer panel. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and genuine presenter!”
Kristin Adler, Employer Relations Manager-Career Services Center, Marquette University

“Amanda is an engaging,effective presenter. The students in my Life After College course at Alverno were,invigorated,inspired and enthusiastically responsive–Amanda raises the bar for her audience on identifying and implementing proactive measures. Part of my evidence of her success is that three of my students made contact or scheduled time to meet w/ professionals (one being Amanda herself) they previously knew only by reputation. Well done, Amanda!”
Joanne Paterson, Director Career Education Center at Alverno College

“I hired Amanda to speak about personal branding at the [2010] statewide young professional’s seminar that I chaired. My entire committee was impressed with her energy, knowledge and professionalism. Her non-traditional, audience-engaging style captured top ratings from those who attended her sessions. And, I have continued to recommend her speaking and consulting services to event coordinators around the state.”
Meg Roman, Organizational Development Specialist, Past President Coastal Connections YPN, Past Chair, Leaderfest.

“Amanda has built something real, bizMe, from scratch in her off-time,
requiring nurturing, relentless enthusiasm, energy, intelligence, marketing
insight, style, good taste, and decency; a reflection of herself.”

Tim Schlax, Midwest Advertising Director of Time Magazine

“Amanda is the consummate young professional woman with a keen business sense, a high level of drive and an infectiously positive personality. She is a team builder and accomplished web publisher of a fresh career magazine for young women. It is my distinct pleasure to endorse her!”
Anne Cohen, Lecturer and Consultant University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management